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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a VDCI online class work?

Students begin a course by logging into the VDCI Learning Hub and downloading the software used for the course and prepared files. Your instructor has created videos that will guide you through a course's different projects. We recommend watching each video at least once before re-creating the project yourself. Homework assignments include quizzes and hands-on assignments. At the mid-point and end of a typical course, a midterm and final project will be due.

Can I work at my own pace?

Yes. You can work at your own pace. Each course is 18 days long. You will have two weeks and three weekends to complete the course. There are set deliverable schedules that are addressed in the course syllabus. You can log in to the Learning Hub at your convenience.

Can I enroll in a single course?

Yes! You can purchase any course individually. See our single courses!

Training Bundles offer cost savings when purchased in full.

Fast-Track Programs  offer free student software.

Certificate Programs offer free software, specializations, electives, placement assistance, and more!

Purchase this course at the top of the page to jump in at our next available start date!

How can I communicate with my instructor and classmates?

VDCI encourages a strong online engagement between you, your instructor, and your classmates. You will participate in discussion forums, connect with your instructor and message your classmates. You are also invited to join us in the VDCI Student Lounge, where our instructors, staff, current students and alumni share information and help one another.

Are VDCI courses taught on PC or Mac?

All VDCI project-based courses are taught on PC.

All VDCI Lecture courses (including Blueprint Reading) can be taken on PC or Apple Mac OS.