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What type of computer or device do I need?

VDCI has two main types of courses: Lecture and Project-based courses. There may be different system requirements depending on which type of course you are taking, but we have outlined the basics below:

Lecture Courses

Our lecture courses, such as Blueprint Reading, do not have high system requirements. Additionally, you can easily take these courses on a PC, Mac, tablet, or other mobile device. However, some of our lecture videos may be hard to see on a device with a small screen.

Project-based Courses

Our Project-based courses all require you to follow along with the videos. That means you will need to have the software installed on your personal machine while taking the course. Additionally, we highly recommend using a PC with Windows 10 or 11 installed. While some software, such as AutoCAD and SketchUp, have a Mac version, there are some differences that may cause confusion or additional issues when taking the course on a Mac.

We also recommend using a computer with two monitors, one to follow along and one to watch the videos. Another option is to use a second computer or tablet to play the videos while following along with your main computer.