Career Paths

Career Paths

Envision a New Career Path

VDCI Certificate Programs prioritize real-world, hands-on training. Students can immediately enter the workforce upon completing their certificates and apply the skills and knowledge they gained.

Your Certificate Program training path will help open the door to new career opportunities. Below, we have compiled a list of popular career options based on the type of Certificate Program. These are not only obtainable, but many VDCI alumni have found great success pursuing them.

Architecture & Design

Bim Technician

Entry Level – BIM Technician: This role is responsible for developing detailed 3D models and documents of buildings and structures.


Bim Coordinator

Mid Level – BIM Coordinator: This role develops and maintains BIM protocols and execution plans and other documentation.

Bim Manager

Senior Level – BIM Manager: This role oversees and manages the use of BIM technology and processes.

Cad Designer

Entry Level – CAD Designer: This role adequately creates construction documents for various projects using AutoCAD.

Cad Coordinator

Mid Level – CAD Coordinator: This role plays a crucial part in optimizing CAD processes, ensuring quality in design and drafting work and supporting project teams in producing accurate construction documents.

Cad Manager

Senior Level – CAD Manager: This role involves being a leader to a team of drafters, designers and technicians. The manager should have advanced knowledge of Autocad to be able to train future drafters and develop efficient workflow between teams.

Interior Designer

Senior Level – Interior Designer: This role works with clients to create functional, aesthetically pleasing interior spaces in residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, and more.

Architect Designer

Entry Level – Architectural Designer: This role designs buildings or landscapes under the supervision of the lead architect. 


Senior Level – Architect: This role plans, designs and oversees construction projects. They work closely with other professionals such as engineers and contractors to ensure building codes and regulations are satisfied.


Mep Designer

Mid Level – MEP designer: This role focuses on mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems in 3D models and documents under the direction of an engineer. 

Electrical Designer

Mid Level – Electrical Designer: This role collaborates with electrical engineers to draft electrical systems for various locations including commercial, industrial and residential settings. 

Hvac Designer

Mid Level – HVAC Designer: This role works under a project manager and will apply knowledge of heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and HVAC system design using specific guidelines.

Plumbing Designer

Mid Level – Plumbing Designer: This role executes plumbing design, performs calculations, creates plans, edits specifications, attends local sites and generates observation reports for projects under construction. 

Fire Protection Designer

Mid Level – Fire Protection Designer: This role designs and develops sprinkler systems. They design upgrades and enhancements, create testing structures, take part in installing and repairing systems, and conduct regular maintenance checkers to ensure the fire sprinkler systems’ quality and efficiency.

Mep Manager

Senior Level – MEP Manager: This role is a liaison between linking the architects/engineers with the general contractor and providing guidance and communication between all parties involved.


Construction Estimator

Entry Level – Construction Estimator: This role prepares and estimates budget costs for construction projects by studying plans and specifications. They would collaborate with engineers, architects, contractors and clients to calculate estimates of the time, material, cost, and labor required to complete a project.

General Contractor

Entry Level – General Contractor: This role is known as the project manager and is in charge of appointing subcontractors and managing all the parts of a construction project. They would collaborate with architects, engineers, vendors, and subcontractors to ensure the project runs smoothly.


Entry Level – Superintendent: This role oversees the daily operations at a construction site. They possess strong leadership skills and collaborate with architects, engineers and other subcontractors to complete construction projects from the ground up.

Civil Engineering

Civil D Designer

Entry Level – Civil 3D Designer: This role is in the field of civil engineering and land surveying. Their tasks include drafting documents using Autodesk Civil 3D and AutoCAD software. 

Civil D Coordinator

Entry Level – Civil 3D Coordinator: This role facilitates communication and collaborate among team members to ensure the production of engineering and land development projects. This person also oversees the coordination of CAD operations and completion of civil engineering projects using AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Land Surveyor

Entry Level – Land Surveyor: This role gathers data of the land for civil engineers. They also may draft maps, survey and engineering plans, charts, diagrams, charts and tables for city-wide projects.