Certificate Graduate

VDCI offers two types of certificates that verify and validate the knowledge and skills you gained during your training: nationally accredited certificates and completion certificates.

Our nationally accredited certificates are reserved for program graduates. Our completion certificates are awarded for all individual courses and Autodesk courses. Completion certificates are a great way to showcase newly learned skills to employers or on networking platforms.

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Program Certificate

Students who complete VDCI programs are awarded a nationally accredited training certificate. An accredited certificate earns you credibility with other institutions and employers, serving as proof of your successful completion of the program and mastery of real-world skills. A nationally accredited certificate from VDCI can open the door to many new career opportunities.

  • Nationally accredited credential
  • Earned after the successful completion of an Avocational or Technology Certificate Program
  • Must pass all courses with at least a 70% and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Awarded as a hard copy and PDF
  • Achieved in 6 weeks – 10 months
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Course Completion Certificate

Course completion certificates are awarded to any of our students who successfully complete a VDCI class. These certificates are issued via the VDCI Learning Hub and are available once grades are submitted for your course.

  • Non-accredited credential
  • Earned after the successful completion of a course as a graded student
  • Must pass the course with a 70% or higher
  • Awarded as a PDF
  • Achieved in 3 weeks
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Autodesk Completion Certificate

Autodesk completion certificates are awarded to students who pass VDCI classes teaching Autodesk software. These certificates are issued by Autodesk and are gained after taking a brief survey on your course. Information on accessing these credentials are sent via email a week after your class is complete.

  • Non-accredited credential
  • Applicable for Autodesk courses
  • Must pass the course with a 70% or higher
  • Awarded as a PDF and issued via Autodesk
  • Achieved in 3 weeks

Certificates vs Certification

Earning a certificate at VDCI is proof of successfully completing our training. It is a testament to what you learned in our classes and programs. Our courses align closely with Autodesk’s exam objectives and taking our courses will help prepare you for a certification exam. However, passing our classes or graduating from our programs will not make you certified in a software. If you are interested in certification but don’t know how to get started, please reach out and we would be happy to advise.