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Is it possible to start my class right now?

Depending on the course, VDCI offers a few start options. All VDCI courses run for 18 days and start every three weeks. Cycles begin on a Friday and end on a Monday, and some offer the ability to start immediately without having to wait for the next start date.

Lecture Courses

VDCI offers the ability to start immediately for all our lecture courses, including Blueprint Reading, Estimating, and Construction Essentials. Simply choose the “Instant Access” option when purchasing from the Learning Hub or the “I’d like to start immediately” option after purchasing from our website to be given immediate access to the course.

Learning Hub Purchases:
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Website Purchases:
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Project-Based Courses

Our project-based courses require scheduled grading check-ins and do not currently have Instant Access/Self-paced options.

Bundle Students

If you are enrolling through a bundle, simply locate and select the “Self-Paced” version of the course when prompted. You will then be immediately enrolled in the course.

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If you have any questions or issues, please contact us at learn@vdci.edu.