Digital Credentials

Showcase Your Skills

Digital Credentials, or badges, verify and validate the knowledge and skills you gained during your training at VDCI. We offer three types of Digital Credentials for completing educational experiences: Certificate Programs, Fast-Track Programs, and Course Bundles.

Our badges are validated by Accredible, the world’s fastest growing digital credential management platform. Earned credentials help connect you to relevant career opportunities through recognized skills, capabilities, and achievements.

Certificate Program Achievement Badge

Accredited Certificate Programs Achievement Badge

In addition to the accredited certificate, VDCI offers digital credentials for completing a Technology Certificate Program. VDCI offers 5 Certificate Program Achievement Badges. These badges represent the successful completion of our Certificate Programs:

  • CAD/BIM Certificate Program
  • CAD Certificate Program
  • BIM Certificate Program
  • Civil 3D Certificate Program
Fast Track Achievement Badge

Accredited Fast-Track Programs Achievement Badge

VDCI offers 8 Fast-Track Program Achievement Badges. These badges represent the successful completion of our Fast-Track Programs:

  • AutoCAD Fundamentals
  • Revit Fundamentals
  • Civil 3D Previous Experience
  • AutoCAD Professional
  • Revit Architecture Professional
  • Revit MEP Professional
  • Revit Structure Professional
  • Civil 3D Professional
Gold Achievement Badge

Gold Achievement Badge

VDCI offers 5 Gold Achievement Badges. These badges represent the successful completion of our Professional Course Bundles:

  • AutoCAD Professional Bundle
  • Revit Architecture Professional Bundle
  • Revit MEP Professional Bundle
  • Revit Structure Bundle
  • Civil 3D Professional Bundle
Navy Achievement Badge

Navy Achievement Badge

VDCI offers Navy Achievement Badges which represent the successful completion of our Fundamentals (or similar introductory level) Course Bundles:

  • Blueprint Reading Fundamentals Bundle
  • Blueprint Reading & Construction Estimating Fundamentals Bundle
  • Construction Fundamentals Bundle
  • Construction Management Fundamentals Bundle
  • Essential Skills Bundle
  • AutoCAD Fundamentals Bundle
  • Revit Fundamentals Bundle
  • Civil 3D Previous Experience Bundle
  • Photoshop Fundamentals Bundle
  • Illustrator Fundamentals Bundle
  • InDesign Fundamentals Bundle
  • SketchUp Fundamentals Bundle

How to Manage Your Badge/Credential

VDCI Badges Align with the International Standards for Digital Badging
VDCI Digital Badges align with the Mozilla Global Open Badge Linked Data
VDCI Digital Badges align with the MacArthur Foundation Global Credentialing
The Credential Database Management supporting VDCI Digital Badges is Certified by IMS Global

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