Donahue Chase’s Success Story

Meet our Alumni, Donuahue Chase, a graduate of the BIM Certificate Program.

With a background in AutoCAD, Donahue realized he needed to learn Revit Architecture to implement BIM into future projects at his company. He chose VDCI’s BIM Certificate Program because it was offered online and it was accredited. The final capstone project was the most valuable part of his training; learning how to put together a construction plan from scratch gave him the practice and confidence to use Revit in his work after graduation. Read on to learn more about Donahue’s experience at VDCI.

Alumni Q & A

Why did you choose VDCI? 

I wanted a program that was self-paced and accessible at any time of the day. I was able to do my course training after getting off work. I chose the BIM Certificate Program so I could show my co-workers and my employer what Revit had to offer. I knew that after completing this program, I would be able to provide BIM support at my current job.

What was your experience like with the instructors throughout your program?

I didn’t have a lot of questions when I was going through the courses, but when I did I could easily message my instructor. I would always get a quick response from my instructor.

What did you appreciate the most about the program you completed?

I was kind of nervous about the final capstone project course because I didn’t know what to expect. However, I got inspired as I started the course and gathered as many reference images as I could to begin my project. I got so excited about this project that a couple of times I would work on this project until 6 a.m.

Did you benefit from taking this program? 

All the courses scheduled in the program prepared me for the final capstone project course. If I had any issues or if I got confused about something while putting together my project, I was able to review lesson videos from previous courses. That really helped me out. What I learned from creating that final capstone project was the most I’ve ever learned. It’s one of the best feelings I had in completing this project.

Alumni Capstone Project

Explore Donahue’s capstone project to get an idea of the work one will be able to create by the end of a Certificate Program

Commercial Building – Donahue Chase

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