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VDCI Participates in Education 2.0 Panel Discussion

Virtual Design & Construction Institute attended and participated in the Education 2.0 Conference held in July 2023 in Las Vegas. The Education 2.0 Conference is held annually to discuss advancements in the global education sector and revolutionize how we learn and teach. Education leaders from all over the world gather to connect and share each other’s insights and solutions in the education industry. With a focus on leveraging technology for transformative learning experiences, this year’s conference aimed to inspire, educate, and encourage collaboration among participants. Here are some of the key highlights and takeaways from this memorable event.

Taking Continuing Education & Professional Development To The Next Level

VDCI’s CEO, David Sellers, participated in an engaging panel discussion about how continuing education helps career advancement across industries. Here’s a recap of the panel discussion. 

Exploring Cutting-Edge Technologies

One of the main themes of the Education 2.0 Conference was the exploration of cutting-edge technologies and their applications in education. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in interactive workshops, hands-on demonstrations, and panel discussions that showcased emerging technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Participants learned how these technologies can revolutionize teaching and learning, engage students, and create immersive educational experiences.

Empowering Educators with New Strategies

The conference placed a strong emphasis on empowering educators with new strategies and tools to enhance their teaching practices. Numerous sessions were dedicated to exploring pedagogical approaches that blend traditional and digital methods, fostering creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving among students. Presenters shared success stories and practical tips, equipping educators with the knowledge and resources needed to effectively integrate technology into their classrooms.

Addressing Challenges and Building Solutions

The conference acknowledged the challenges faced by educators in adopting and implementing new technologies. Sessions and panel discussions focused on strategies to overcome barriers such as limited resources, access to technology, and teacher training. Attendees engaged in constructive conversations, collectively brainstorming solutions and developing action plans to address these challenges and drive positive change in education.

Outstanding Organization Award

Education 2.0 presented VDCI with the 2023 “Outstanding Organization” award, recognizing our contributions to the fields of education & learning.

Education 2.0 Awards


The Education 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas was a resounding success, bringing together passionate educators, technologists, and industry leaders to explore the transformative potential of technology in education. The event not only showcased cutting-edge technologies but also emphasized the importance of empowering educators, fostering collaboration, and addressing challenges to create an inclusive and future-ready education system. By sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and building networks, the conference laid the foundation for a collective journey toward Education 2.0.

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