Education 2.0 Conference: July 10-12, 2023

Educational Summit 2023

Education 2.0 Conference

The Education 2.0 Conference provided a platform for educators and administrators from various educational backgrounds to come together and share knowledge, experiences, and innovative ideas. Attending this conference as a Compliance Manager and Academic Coordinator at the Virtual Design and Construction Institute offered me the opportunity to explore broader perspectives beyond our institution. This report aims to summarize the key highlights, findings, and recommendations derived from the Education 2.0 Conference, fostering a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of education and its implications for our vocational institution and beyond.

How Data Can Help Students Succeed in School

As a participant and discussion leader in the session titled “Intervening Early and Often: How Data can Help Students Succeed in School,” the objective was to facilitate meaningful conversations and exchange of ideas on the effective use of data in supporting student success. This report will summarize the key discussions, findings, and recommendations from the session, exploring how the concepts and strategies shared can be applied in our vocational institution to enhance student outcomes.


During the session, I shared the stage with Dr. Manny Rodriguez from Puzzle Box Academy, who discussed their data collection, assessment, and evaluation strategies for a diverse demographic of K-12 students. Their comprehensive approach emphasized data-driven decision-making to promote student success. In my portion of the talk, I focused on leveraging data to enhance intrinsic motivation among our vocational institution’s adult learners. By analyzing engagement levels, self-assessment surveys, and performance metrics, we gain insights into factors influencing motivation and identify potential improvement strategies. The session facilitated an exchange of innovative ideas and practical solutions among attendees.

The Future of Education and AI

The Education 2.0 Conference showcased the transformative potential of AI in education, emphasizing its role in enhancing teaching and learning experiences, personalizing education, and improving student outcomes. While some attendees expressed concerns and hesitancy regarding AI’s implementation, the conference fostered open dialogue and constructive debates to address these concerns. The discussions contributed to a more nuanced perspective on the responsible integration of AI in education. Moving forward, it is crucial to continue engaging in dialogue, conducting research, and incorporating ethical considerations to ensure AI technologies empower students, respect privacy, and enhance the learning experience. The Education 2.0 Conference provided a valuable platform for educators and administrators to navigate the evolving landscape of education and embrace an AI-infused education system that is equitable, effective, and student-centered.

Franklin Ebalida


Compliance Manager

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