The Importance of Digital Credentials

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The Importance of Digital Credentials

Traditional educational records, such as degrees or transcripts, have long been the primary mode of measuring a student’s or job applicant’s knowledge in a particular field. However, traditional educational records pose a few issues:

  • They do not reveal specific skills learned
  • Curriculums and subject matter learned can differ between institutions
  • Traditional records can be falsified

That’s where digital credentials come in, offering an alternative to better communication and document learning. The result is a more connected network between learners, educational providers, and employers for recruitment, transfers, and job applications.

What Are Digital Credentials?

Digital Credentials, also known as digital badges or micro-credentials, are digital documents issued by a designated party to prove someone’s qualifications or achievements. In this way, digital credentials verify and validate the knowledge and skills gained through a course, workshop, training program, or degree.

Digital credentials are also simple to manage and verify. Unlike traditional educational records, the validity of a digital credential can be checked instantly, and they are often cryptographically secured to prevent forging.

Digital Credentials Benefit Your Career

Digital credentials help connect the recipient to relevant career opportunities through recognized skills, capabilities, and achievements.

In today’s job market, employers are focusing more and more on skill-based hiring. While formal education can still be desired, real-world experience is often prioritized because of the job-specific skills acquired. But these skills can be learned outside of work experience or formal institutions through side projects or professional development courses.

Digital credentials offer a quick and reliable way for employers to determine whether an applicant has the right skill sets for the job.

Earn Digital Credentials Through Career Training

Digital credentials make it possible for people to plan, track, and showcase their accomplishments in a verifiable way that wasn’t possible with traditional educational records. Businesses, governments, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations are increasingly issuing digital credentials or relying on them to gain talent insights.

At VDCI, we offer three tiers of digital credentials (Program Shields, Gold, and Navy) for the successful completion of our Certificate Programs, Fast-Track Programs, or Course Bundles. Our badges are validated by Credly, the world’s largest digital credential network.

As a nationally accredited institution, we provide accelerated, real-world training to help students develop relevant and instantly applicable skills for a career within the design and construction industry.

Contact us today to learn how you can advance your career and become a more well-rounded AEC professional.

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