Leandro Lazaretti’s Success Story

Meet our Alumni, Leandro Lazaretti, a graduate of the CAD/BIM Certificate Program. Here’s his story on why he chose VDCI and how he’s been able to utilize the skills he’s learned.

The Road to VDCI

Before attending VDCI, Leandro did not have experience in the field, he had only just begun learning Revit with AutoCAD usage being infrequent. Leandro chose the CAD/BIM Certificate Program because he wanted to gain “as much knowledge as possible” in Revit courses “to achieve what one would call a good understanding of its tools and to polish [his] knowledge in architecture/construction.” He also wanted to master the usage of AutoCAD in order to “take the AutoCAD proficiency test.” 

After completing his training, Leandro was able to apply his new Revit and AutoCAD skills to his job. His future goal is to become an architectural technologist.

Alumni Capstone Project

Explore Leandro’s capstone project to get an idea of the work one will be able to create by the end of a Certificate Program.

Single Family Residence – Leandro Lazaretti

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Alumni Advice

How did the training help with your current career?

VDCI’s training courses definitely helped me get a job in the field. At the moment, I work as a building designer (architectural technician), and I have been using part of what I learned from their courses. A lot of what I learned in Revit I’ve been able to translate into my job with success.

Were there any challenges or struggles faced while working through the training?

I struggled a bit in some of the courses. As I made my way through to the more advanced courses such as AutoCAD Construction Documents II and BIM Construction Documents II, I found that those two courses had more substantial content than any other course I had already taken. It was challenging to stay caught up with so much new content being taught at once, which was not bad; they were fun and crucial to my learning experience as I got to learn more advanced tricks in AutoCAD and Revit.

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