BIM 301 – BIM Construction Documents I

Over The Shoulder Woman Asian Brick Office Revit

This online Revit course is the first of two Construction Document courses, using the Revit Architecture tools. You will model an existing single story commercial building (importing AutoCAD drawings as a base) and also create a site model. You will continue learning Revit when you create the model for a significant two-story expansion to that first building model. This project scenario is typical of projects currently being handled by AEC teams who use Revit in their offices.

  • Apply BIM modeling tools to create an architectural model, including existing building, partial demolition and a new construction.
  • Build topography for a project using existing external files and develop a site plan, including hardscape and landscaping.
  • Graphically differentiate phasing of a project from existing construction through new construction.
  • Produce renderings suitable for presentation and documentation.