Blueprint Reading Class - Residential Construction

Blueprint Reading Estimating

This is an online blueprint reading class for residential construction projects. Learn from a licensed architect about drawing types, scale and about the relationships between drawings.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the inter-relationship between the drawings included in a set of Construction Documents (blueprints).
  • Analyze different drawings and see how scale is presented throughout a set of Construction Documents.
  • Evaluate the similarities between all sets of blueprint construction documents submitted for building permits.
  • Recognize the need for consistency in presenting information in all types of Construction Document in this online blueprint reading course.

So what is blueprint reading and why is it necessary in the construction industry? Many people in the construction industry can benefit professionally by learning how to read a set of blueprints, also known as construction documents (CDs). “Blueprint” is the historic name for construction documents. Contractors build the design and follow the drawings included in the set of “blueprints.”

The blueprint reading class is 100% online and references a real-world project. VDCI encourages strong online engagement, participation in group discussion forums, and connecting with your instructor and classmates. Join us in the VDCI Student Lounge, where our current students and alumni share information about the industry and help one another.