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VDCI Best Companies Award in Education

VDCI is honored to have received the Best Companies Award in education for 2022 at the Education 2.0 Conference, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 6 – 8. Additionally, David Sellers, CEO of VDCI, was recognized with an Outstanding Leadership Award.

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The Education 2.0 Conference is held annually to discuss advancements in the global education sector and revolutionize how we learn and teach. Education leaders from all over the world gather to connect and share each other’s insights and solutions in the education industry.

During the conference, David Sellers hosted a seminar focused on STEAM Education, an expanded version of the STEM educational program integrating the arts into K-12 schools. He talked about the importance of how these educational programs shape the opportunities of children as they develop their own interests in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics.

VDCI was recognized by Education 2.0 as an organization making strides in the technology and online learning educational space. Committed to providing students with the highest level of education to advance their careers, VDCI offers multiple training paths to choose from. From in-demand software skills to construction fundamentals, online courses are sequentially structured in Course Bundles, Fast-Track Programs, and Certificate Programs.

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