Digital Arts Technology Certificate Program

Dac Certificate Program

DAC Certificate Program

Develop the necessary skills and problem-solving strategies to successfully utilize Digital Arts design (DAC) software in an AEC career.

During the DAC Certificate Program, you’ll learn Adobe Creative Cloud best practices for creating marketing and presentation documents with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. All courses are taught by practicing professionals and focus on a real-world, project-based approach.

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Job Ready in Just 10 Months

All VDCI nationally accredited Certificate Programs are accelerated, condensing material into shorter, comprehensive programs. This means you’ll be able to earn a credential and enter the workforce fully trained in a fraction of the time of traditional degrees.

Showcase Your Achievements

Earn a program certificate and multiple verified digital credentials from Accredible by completing this program.

Programs Dac Certificate
Navy Photoshop Fundamentals
Navy Illustrator Fundamentals
Navy Indesign Fundamentals
Vdci Program Certificate

Training Path

Your Certificate Program training path will consist of required courses and electives. Our training paths are designed to provide a comprehensive education to help you hit the ground running as soon as you enter the workforce.

DAC 101 – Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
DAC 201 – Intermediate Adobe Photoshop
DAC 121 – Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
DAC 221 – Intermediate Adobe Illustrator
DAC 141 – Introduction to Adobe InDesign
DAC 241 – Intermediate Adobe InDesign
Elective Courses
Capstone Project


Certificate Programs allow students to specialize in areas of knowledge through their chosen electives. Learn more about your chosen field of study or branch out to learn a new software or skill set. Specializations make you more marketable in a job hunt and valuable in the workplace.

Sketchup Pro Fundamentals Digital Credential
SketchUp Pro Fundamentals Digital Credential

SketchUp is often used as a conceptual software in the design process. Learn the fundamentals to become a more valuable member of your organization.

Navy Autocad Fundamentals
AutoCAD Fundamentals Digital Credential

Expand on your AutoCAD drafting skills by completing this specialization. This specialization focuses on drafting a small residential project in AutoCAD.

Navy Essential Skills
Essential Skills Professional Development Digital Credential

Enhance the soft skills needed to excel in any workplace. Take these three courses to improve your in-office and relational skills.

Digital Arts Technology Certificate Program Calendar

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Elective Courses

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Capstone Project Course

Create a final portfolio piece to showcase your learned skills.

Completion Date


Enter the workforce fully trained and confident in your skills.

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Digital Arts Technology Certificate Program Tuition & Fees

VDCI Certificate Programs are an affordable alternative to traditional degrees. Please note that final tuition costs may vary. Refer to the Catalog for more information.





Prorated upon withdrawal. Refer to refund provision within the catalog.

Registration Fee


Nonrefundable. Not included in the Tuition. Billed separately from Tuition.

Student Tuition Recovery Fund Fee


Nonrefundable ($2.50 for every $1,000 rounded to the nearest $1,000). Applies to California residents only.

Estimated Due for the Entire Program


The estimated amount due to complete the Certificate Program.